In 2010, back when I was in elementary school I signed up for the New Year’s Talent Show and received my first music prize with the song Have You Ever Seen The Rain by CCR, which I sung and performed on my acoustic guitar. At the end of 2011, on a regional music festival named Evro Porta Fest, I received my second music prize for two performances that were in two consecutive nights. In 2012, on a high school music contest named French Chanson, I was awarded with the first prize for the song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf. Shortly after that, I was awarded another first prize when I performed At Last by Etta James on a high school music contest organized by MASSUM in Strumitsa. In July 2014, I received a golden medal for the song Feeling Good by Nine Simone at the music festival Дъга Над Клептуза in Velingrad (Bulgaria) in age category 19-25. Furthermore, as a duo with my brother, we received significant awards for the performances on Ohrid Fest and Evro Fest (Skopje) in 2017.